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Nov. 28th, 2015 05:18 pm
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Died on this day in 1694 aged 32 Queen Mary II of England (my toy,wikipedia). William-and-Mary took the throne of England in the Glorious Revolution (to get ride of James, who was too Catholic for England apparently); they held the throne jointly, both being descendants of Charles I although her claim was more direct (she was the daughter of James). Under William-and-Mary the rights of the sovereign were curtailed (further) in favour of parliament. William spent much of their reign fighting Jacobites in Ireland. She died of Smallpox.

Born on this day in 1489 to King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, Margaret Tudor (my toy,wikipedia). Daughter of Henry VII. Margaret married James IV of Scotland, James IV died invading England (in support of France) and Margaret became regent for their young son James V. This caused difficulties, she was a woman and English and the Scots were at war with the English... and she further annoyed the Scots by secretly marrying the Earl of Angus. Eventually she scarpered to England leaving Scotland (and James V) in the hands of the Duke of Albany. She eventually returned to Scotland, divorced Angus and married someone else, but did not end up Back In Charge.
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... that was definitely a nonsensical Western about dinosaurs, with a lovingly rendered backdrop of thoroughly referenced completely incorrect geology

I object strenuously to the fact that it made me cry that much in spite of the baffling artistic licence taken with evolution and wish to lodge a complaint

Nipples don't exist! But that's okay because the C4 photosynthetic pathway does, paving the way for remarkably resilient leaf loincloths

This concludes your complementary review of The Good Dinosaur, now showing in cinemas near you!

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Nov. 27th, 2015 02:53 pm
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Died on this day in 1087 aged 36 Bertha of Savoy (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Henry who married Matilda who was never Queen.

Born on this day in 1833 to Adolphus Hanover , Duke of Cambridge and Princess Augusta of Hesse-Kassel, Pricness Mary of Cambridge (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Mary who married George V, also granddaughter of George III. Mary grew up in Hanover, where her father was viceroy for his brother who was King of bother the UK and Hanover; when Victoria came to the throne of the UK she didn't get Hanover (Salic law) but neither did Mary's father (it went to her Uncle who was older) and he returned to London with his family. Mary married late (she was considered unattractive and wasn't wealthy but was too important to marry just anyone) to the Duke of Teck (who was also not wealthy, and not very important, but was good enough for the Queen to allow it), they lived in London until they ran up debts they could not repay and ran off to the continent to avoid them (they did later return to London).
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Hello, all! After a hiatus, the fourth round of the White Lotus Lunar New Year Exchange will be kicking off next week.

Rules are unchanged from previous years, with the obvious exception of some tweaks to schedule; I am the only person running the exchange this year, despite the fact that the rules all still say "we", so please bear with me.

The schedule:

December 1st: signups open
December 14th: signups close
December 21st (at the latest): assignments go out
February 1st: submissions due
February 8th: posting starts

Full rules under the cut! )

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Nov. 26th, 2015 04:26 pm
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Died on this day in 1504 aged 53 Queen Isabella I of Castile (my toy,wikipedia). Mother of Catherine who married Henry VIII. Isabella married Ferdinand of Aragon, bringing Castile and Aragon into personal union and paving the way for the later unification of all of Spain. In 1492 the paid for Columbus to find a route to the Indies by going West rather than East (which route was controlled by the Portugese), he found America instead; also they through the Jews out of the bits of Spain they controlled (because apparently everyone was always throwing the Jews out of places, because everyone sucks).

Born on this day in 1869 to King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and Alexandra of Denmark, Maud of Wales (my toy,wikipedia). Daughter of Edward VII. She married a Prince of Denmark, who later became King of Norway after Norway decided that it didn't want to be in a union with Denmark anymore and voted to make him King (he was the younger son of the Danish crown prince). This made her the first Queen of Norway since the 14th century who was not also Queen of Denmark or Sweden (because Norway didn't get to be independent all that often...).

So there's this thing

Nov. 25th, 2015 05:46 pm
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where I will abruptly realise that one of the men I love simply does not know something that so thoroughly permeates my experiences of the world that I barely even think to mention it.

Content notes for misogyny and gender policing and violence and all that good stuff.

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Reading Wednesday

Nov. 25th, 2015 04:20 pm
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It's long. And dense. Lots of interesting stuff about the early history of Rome.

To Read:
Chimera... which I am RESISTING.

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Nov. 25th, 2015 04:11 pm
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Died on this day in 1418 aged 17 Henry Beaufort , 2nd Earl of Somerset (my toy,wikipedia). Grandson of John of Gaunt. At the age of 17 he went off to fight in the Hundred Years War and didn't come back. Stupid war.

Born on this day in 1609 to King Henry IV of France and Marie de'Medici, Henrietta of France (my toy,wikipedia). Wife of Charles I. Henrietta didn't have the easiest time as Queen, she was Catholic and when she arrived she didn't speak English well. She spent the interregnum in France and returned to England with the restoration although she later went back to France which she claimed had better weather.

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Nov. 24th, 2015 04:36 pm
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Died on this day in 1426 aged 63 Elizabeth of Lancaster (my toy,wikipedia). Daughter of John of Gaunt (son of Edward III). Her mother was John's first wife Blanche, his future-third-wife Katheryn Swynford was her governess. She married three times - the first time she was 17 but the groom was only 8, she seems to have gotten bored waiting for him to grow up and had an affair which left her pregnant; her un-consumated first marriage was annulled and she married the father of the baby... later her second husband was executed for treason and she married a third time (without permission from her brother! shocking! but they got over it eventually).

Born on this day in 1394 to Louis Valois I, Duke of Orleans and Valentina Visconti, Charles Valois , Duke of Orleans (my toy,wikipedia). Husband of Isabella the widow of Richard II. Charles is remembered mostly as a poet.

Code tour: 5th - 22nd November

Nov. 24th, 2015 03:33 pm
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This is my first code tour in quite a while. [personal profile] kaberett's contributor weekend got me back into things, as well as featuring amazing macaroni cheese. Hooray for several new and/or returning people! \o/ (Warning: British spelling ahead.)

Code Tour, 5th - 22nd November )

25 total issues resolved
Contributors: [github.com profile] azurelunatic, [github.com profile] cesy, [github.com profile] chrisboyle, [github.com profile] hotlevel4, [github.com profile] kaberett, [github.com profile] kareila, [github.com profile] ljacob, [github.com profile] me-and, [github.com profile] ninetyd, [github.com profile] sgsabbage

Thanks to our new contributor [github.com profile] chrisboyle.


Nov. 24th, 2015 12:29 am
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Purple got snagged by lb and Mr. Netflix for lunch today, since lb and Mr. Netflix were the only representatives of the department actually in the department for lunch. Thus it was that I did not see Purple in person until it was time to go home.

I managed to wait until we were outside to apologetically point out that I would be having a worse time than expected for the next couple weeks because I'd trained pretty hard on Bearded Purple, so Beardless Purple was essentially a stranger (with, for bonus points, a smile a hell of a lot like Figment's).

It's going to be a super weird couple weeks. I'm going to be double-taking a lot.

lb had immediately given him shit upon seeing it. Purple did mention his reason for doing it, and it's a reason I fully endorse beyond the "dude, it's ... your beard? and you're the boss of your beard?" position ... but dang, I still have a hard time recognizing him without it. Despite having known him for quite some time without it, I still learned his face with it due to his directory picture.

<lb> I think we should give him some beard products
<lb> beard products are a hint to beard harder

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Nov. 23rd, 2015 04:34 pm
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Died on this day in 955 aged 32 King Eadred (my toy,wikipedia). Did not manage to actually be King of *all* of England. Didn't marry, had no children.

Born on this day in 1221 to King Ferdinand III of Castile and Elizabeth of Swabia, King Alfonso X of Castile (my toy,wikipedia). Cousin of Eleanor who married Edward I. Alfonso was interested in translating scholarly works into Spanish, and employed many Jewish and Muslim translators; this makes him massively more tolerant of both Jews and Muslims than... a great many other European monarchs of the era.

code push done!

Nov. 22nd, 2015 07:32 pm
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We're updating the site momentarily! Once the dust settles, please let us know if anything isn't working as expected. I'll edit the entry here if we confirm any issues.

Update, 21:45: All done!

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Nov. 22nd, 2015 06:34 pm
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Died on this day in 2011 aged 78 Princess Christina of Hesse (my toy,wikipedia). Great-great-grand-daughter (also great-great-great-grand-daughter, yay for marrying your cousin) of Queen Victoria. Also niece of Prince Philip (husband of the current Queen). Her father was a senior Nazi official. Christina's first husband was a Prince of Yugoslavia, but they lived in London on account of how Yugoslavia had decided not to have a monarchy any more. Her second husband was a Dutch artist of Jewish ancestry by the name of Van Eyck (but probably not related to the famous one)

Born on this day in 1428 to Richard Neville , 5th Earl of Salisbury and Alice Montacute, Richard Neville , 16th Earl of Warwick (my toy,wikipedia). Father of Anne who married Richard III. This is the Warwick known as the Kingmaker. He was Earl of Warwick by-right-of-marriage, that is his wife would have inherited the title, but women weren't allowed to have nice things in the 15th century so ho got it. He was a major player in the wars of the roses.

Code push!

Nov. 22nd, 2015 01:03 pm
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We are planning to do a code push in about six hours, around 5pm Pacific time.

Most of the changes with this push are cleanup and small backend fixes, but we also have a new journal style called "Pattern" with 24 themes for you to choose from, and most excitingly, QuickReply has now been enabled for journal, day, and network views.

We'll update again to let you know when the code push is in progress!

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Nov. 21st, 2015 02:54 pm
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Died on this day in 1150 aged 38 Garcia of Navarre (my toy,wikipedia). Grandfather of Berengaria who married Richard I.

Born on this day in 1840 to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, Victoria Princess Royal (my toy,wikipedia). Victoria married Frederick who would later be (briefly) Emperor of Germany, which was both a dynastic and a love match (lucky her), she was the mother of Wilhelm II who was Kaiser during WW1. Having the royal families of Europe closely related to each other is the sort of thing often hoped to produce peace, alas it didn't (rarely has, in anything other than the very short term), it just added a family sadness to the sadness of international war.